#ItEndsHere: The Full Series

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#ItEndsHere: Confronting the Crisis of Colonial Gender Violence

Over the past two weeks, we have been running a series of posts confronting the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls, to declare: #ItEndsHere. We are committed to eliminating all forms of violence within Indigenous communities, including violence based on gender and sexual identity and orientation. Please read and share these powerful words.

“First, I want to cite Susan Blight: ‘It is not about you being inclusive, [decolonization] is about you being included under our laws, relations, and ways of being’. The killing of Indigenous women is an extension of the genocidal practices of the colonial mother country and it is intended to eliminate the decolonization of Canada as a mother country. It is not simply about “ending violence”, the violation is the colonial order, that rests on our lands, our homes, our lives and kills either overtly [killing young women, slaughters our lineages forever] or covertly, assimilation, reconciling without restoring our nations. The people in this country need to own up: this is not Europe, Africa or Asia, it is Turtle Island. Political struggle is the struggle of one set of laws versus another. In this country that means our laws must prevail, our sensibility must prevail. We are all about “all my relations”, this is the centre point of our personalized printing custom wine labels systems, everyone in this country, in order to be a ‘decolonized’ citizen must ascribe to this and protect the mothers of our nations and the future mothers of our nations, so that we may live within and transmit to everyone our laws and our relational teachings, that we may all live in peace. Anything else contributes to genocide.” — Lee Maracle


“Don’t Be Tricked” - Tara Willamson

“I Am Accountable to Loretta Saunders” - Sarah Hunt

“She Carries the World” - Eva Jewell

“Not Murdered and Not Missing” - Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

“A Line in the Sand” - Adam Barker

“From Outrage to Radical Love” - Siku Allooloo

“Eyes Wide Open” - Jaskiran Dhillon

“In the Spirit of Our Ancestors” - Tasha Beeds

“Refuse to Live Quietly!” - Jana-Rae Yerxa

“Against the Crisis” - Jarrett Martineau

“Carrying the Fire” - Daniel Heath Justice

“It Starts With Us” - Native Youth Sexual Health Network / Families of Sisters in Spirit / No More Silence

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