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It Starts With Us

By Posted in - Voices Rising on March 14th, 2014 9 Comments ItEndsHere-13

Supporting the Resurgence of Community-Based Responses to Violence

Artwork by: Erin Marie Konsmo, Media Arts Justice and Projects Coordinator, Native Youth Sexual Health Network

This is a collaborative response from

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Carrying the Fire

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Lately, I’ve been worrying about my students. Not about their skills (which are impressive), nor their dedication (which is boundless), nor their generosity (which is expansive). I’m not worried about whether they can make it …

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Refuse to Live Quietly!

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“I think you’re holding back. Tell them they’re wrong and tell them why they’re wrong,” he said to me.

“Just like that?!” I asked. My voice exposing discomfort with his suggestion.

“Yeah,” he replied nonchalantly.

“I can’t do …

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In the Spirit of Our Ancestors

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The history of violence against Indigenous people is woven into the colonization of our Indigenous territories. Our bones and blood make up the fabric of “Canada”.

Through the process of âsotamâtowin, (Sacred Agreement/Treaty) and through the …

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